Up Transporte

Up Transporte card

The Up Transporte card will help you buy passes and tickets for collective public transport such as the underground, commuter trains, trams and buses easily since it operates as any bank card.

The tickets must be purchased at the machines of the transport station (underground, commuter trains, buses, etc.) or online but not at the tobacconists.

Yes, you can use the transport card to buy tickets online. To do this, you must register by writing to sac@up-spain.com, providing your full name, ID number, the last 4 digits of the card and the reason.

You receive the card already activated, together with the card PIN to PAY. Once the card has credit, it will be ready for use.

To see the card’s balance and movements, go to the User Portal and link the card to your account.

If you already have an Up Gourmet food card, you can add the transport card to the official Gourmetpay App and you will have the balance and movements on your mobile. To do this: 

1.Go to the App with you Up Gourmet account.

2.Click on Menu > More solutions > Transport

3.Enter your card number and you will see the movements.

No, the transport card PIN cannot be changed at present. There is one exception: if you live in Madrid, you can go to the ATM on Calle Hermosilla, 120, to change your card PIN.

If you forget it and want to recover your PIN, you must send an email to sac@up-spain.com, indicating your full name, ID number and the last 4 digits (of the 16) of your card, stating that you have forgotten the PIN of your Transport Cheque Card. We will send you your PIN once again by email (to the email address through which you contacted us) as soon as possible.

You must manage the card unblocking directly with your company’s HR department to apply for a change of card.

If the card is lost or stolen, you must send an email to sac@up-spain.com or call 902 107 043 to deregister it and, subsequently, contact your company’s HR department to apply for a new card.